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video streaming services. You have an opportunity to make your profile look better by attaching a creative video resume along with your C.V. Remind the recruiters what skill sets make you special.

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If the recruiter wishes to contact a candidate, he/she can view the video and browse through the portfolio. If the portfolio appears impressive he/she gets the chance to mail it to the candidate, text on Whatsapp or call.

Choose What You Love

Our remarkable online recruitment platform helps you select your preferred way of getting hired. According to your convenience and availability you have an option to choose between full time, part time and freelancing.

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Last but not the least with the phenomenal Ohire app, you get keep tab on all your video activities and receive a notification every time you get hired.

About Us

If you are a job seeking professional and cannot find the desired job portal for yourself, Don't worry! as O'hire is the perfect destination for every professional who wants to land up into the job of their dreams.

On O'hire you can introduce yourself to the recruiters through a professional video resume, highlighting your skill sets. You need to add all your details to view the complete portfolio.

If a recruiter wishes to contact an employee, he/she can swipe the video on the right and mail the portfolio, contact through Whatsapp or call. You can further select your preferred mode of work from the full time, part time and work from home options.

The best feature offered by O�hire is that you get an opportunity to track all your video activities and receive a notification every time you get shortlisted by an employer.

"Super easy to use and set up. Save's a recruiter an enormous amount of time. Allows us to communicate with prospects in a manner that is natural to them and shows candid insight."

John Snorkya

"I have four interviews set up today and had two already! Did I say I am excited? This is the best place I have found in finding potential employees, I am so grateful."

Gauri Shankar

This is a great way to search for candidates. It also allows them to find an employer easier. I can search from home, or work, and everything I need to know is already done for me. Thanks O'hire”

Camely Rosewood

I already have recommended a friend who has a music band when she asked me how to hire people!

Shweta Bhatnagar

"Easy...user friendly service to properly hire. It also puts you in direct contact with potential candidates"

Jacob Partridge

"I love the fact it stream lines applicants and allows me to reach people who never would maybe apply here."

Cracker Barrel

"The video feature works great. We hired one person in the first week and have another offer out. I love the app!"

Pankaj Goel

"Very helpful application and support team!"

Mahesh Gupta

"Great start to fixing a big problem in our industry, a better way to hire."

Hugo Kirkwood

"O'hire eliminates a lot of wasted time when recruiting potential employees."

Ruby John

"I love that I can search for hires at 1 in the morning and get responses. I can say very easily, that this is the easiest hiring I have ever done."

Harvey Douglas

"Great for finding applicants! And the team is really supportive if you have any questions."

Mollie Fraser

I going to find people to hiring quality cooks in less than 24 hours.

James Simpson

"I have hired quite a few employees off your site and I am getting a lot of traffic in for interviews as well"

Dave Parker

"I have had great success using O'hire. We are finding well qualified candidates for both FOH & BOH positions. The app is easy to use. It has helped our recruiting efforts tremendously!"

Joann R. Perez

"I've hired a great deal of people using this app and it's been way more effective than craigslist ! I'm fully staffed now ! It saves me so much time & I really appreciate that ! Thank you!!"

Jimmy Johns

"Its fast and convenient two things that are very important when looking for a candidate. I can literally look when I'm doing just about anything!"

Leslie A. Cohen

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